Goin’ Back To New Orleans (UK) Libramont 16 > 22 July 2012

A little more than one hundred years ago, jazz was born, resulting from the merging of the music of the populations that were present in New Orleans at the time.

Irish, Creoles, Jews, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latinos, Haitians, they all had brought songs and instruments of their folklore, not to mention their cooking talents.

While educated Black and Creole musicians developped ragtime music, many others, descendants of slaves, collected the instruments of military music on the Civil War battlefields.

Although forbidden and severely punished, an old African rythmic culture had survived in clandestinity, while the Blues meandered its way to town from the Mississippi delta.

Early Jazzmen started then what contemporary jazz cats still do: absorb all these influences, take these melodies and start to syncopate them, enhance their weak beats, transform and use them as a motive to improvise.

Techniques and repertoire were spread by word of mouth, while mutual emulation was a strong motivator.

Many of these songs are still played today, at Preservation Hall by people who almost met Buddy Bolden, but also by members of the Marsalis or the Neville families, and by disciples of Dr. John, Allen Toussaint or Mahalia Jackson on bandstands all over the world.

And by an infinite number of others, professionals or amateurs, who perpetuate the different ways of this kind of music making.

And unconsciously by all of them who once started blowing into something with the secret hope to be able to play « When The Saints Go Marchin’ In » one day.

It’s a journey to the origins of Jazz, but also these of funk and rythm ‘n blues and to this primitive but incredibly efficient way to make music that I propose in Libramont.

Listen to the evolution of a song through the XXst century, use your ears to play the melody, learn the lyrics so you’ll never forget it, play it at different tempos just to see what happens, improvise on the theme, discover the pleasure of collective improvisation and the magic of two-chords songs…

All instruments are welcome, and they’re easy to move with, it’s even better.


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